Friday, 19 June 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2014, 6th event - MÍRIAM CANTERA (Spain), Underground Horizons, solo show

The 6th event of the DIPLOMATIC ART project, pilot edition, Timişoara, the solo show of Miriam Cantera (Spain), „Underground Horizons” (lithography) was opened at the Pygmalion Gallery on Thursday, December 11th, 2014.
„The works are inspired from the accidents of the landscape, the erosion of the surface of the earth and also the underground. This abrasion can be done by natural agents or by human work. All the pieces have been made with lithography. I usually work in aluminium plates, but some are made in litho stone. In the last year, probably induced by my work as a printer, I have combined my litho work with drypoint, to get what for me is more interesting from both techniques” from the presentation of the Spanish artist.

Rufino Delgado Montenegro (Honorary Consul  Peru), Jose Miguel Viñals Ariño (Honorary Consul Spain), Ciprian Chirileanu, Ioan Szekernyes (photo Radu Buriac)

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