Friday, 19 June 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2014, 3rd event, duplex Germany - Romania - BEA GSCHWEND, ELISABETH OCHSENFELD, VIS – (L)A – VIS

The third exhibition (and last duplex) of the Diplomatic Art pilot edition, Timişoara, 2014, was opened at the Triade Gallery on Friday, October 17th, 2014. Romanian artist Elisabeth Ochsenfeld living and working in Germany invited Bea Gschwend, a German native artist, for a Romania – Germany duplex exhibition entitled VIS - (L) A - VIS. Elisabeth Ochsenfeld says: „We met in Heidelberg, the place where we both have chosen to live, then we came to live in the same house, VIS - A - VIS ..., for 12 years, getting to know each other very well ( ...) Since 2009, Bea is coming regularly to Timisoara and Gărâna (Romania). So we decided that Bea should refer in her works to Timisoara, which she has experienced in her own way for many times, and me to stay with my Heidelberg where I live since 1986. That playful „L” in our exhibition title (Romanian wordplay, meaning “dream to dream...”) has to do with the transmutation of our biographies. The definitive departure to another country, especially in the period when I emigrated, is connected to a dream, a projection on the unknown (...) „The dream” of my friend Bea is in fact the same form of projection, but not bearing the same drama (...)” - selection from the exhibition flyer. The exhibition was presented by Robert Șerban and was followed by a jazz recital by Mirela Iacob and Teodor Pop.

Ciprian Chirileanu, Alina Baciu (director, Centrul Cultural German, Timișoara), Robert Şerban, Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, Bea Gschwend (photo Renée Renard)

Bea Gschwend

Elisabeth Ochsenfeld

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