Friday, 19 June 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2014, 1st event, duplex France - Romania - MICHEL MAZZONI, SIMONA NUŢIU GRADOUX, ”Onde/Wave”

Friday, September 19th, 2014, Triade Gallery, the first event of the Diplomatic Art pilot edition, Timişoara, 2014: Romanian artist Simona Nuţiu Gradoux who lives and works in France invited French artist Michel Mazzoni to a French-Romanian duplex exhibition.
The exhibition „Onde/ Wave”, suggests the looseness and poetry of inner movement at the boundary between real and imaginary. „(...) Simona Nuţiu Gradoux reflects on forms of identity, she has recurrences, quests, explorations of the self (...), a long line of nutshells that protect the ephemeral of past experiences, embodying them – a fragile wave of time-memory or time-self. (...) Michel Mazzoni has light, glow, shadow of space (...) The artist creates a project of that place (Japan) trying to capture the tranquility, reconciliation, the „touchable silence” – „silence does not take shape, but it does affect what it is surrounded by, providing atmosphere (...)” - selection from the exhibition presentation.

Ioan Szekernyes, Daniel Malbert (director, Institutul Francez Timișoara), Ingrid Diac (responsible for cultural projects and communication, Institutul Francez Timișoara), Ciprian Chirileanu, Sorina Jecza (Triade Gallery) (photo Renée Renard)

Michel Mazzoni

Simona Nuţiu Gradoux


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