Friday, 19 June 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2014, 2nd event, duplex Romania – Bulgaria

The second exhibition of the Diplomatic Art pilot edition, Timisoara 2014 was opened at the City Business Centre on Friday, October 3rd, 2014. Romanian artists with Bulgarian nationality, Ivan Vasilcin and Nicolae Velciov, launched an invitation to a group of native artists from Bulgaria: Marian Bahovski, Nikolay Bojinov, Radostina Doganova, Viktoriya Georgieva and Vladimir Yosifov, for a Romanian Bulgarian duplex exhibition.

Ciprian Chirileanu, Ioan Szekernyes, Valentin Şerban (representant, Honorary Consulate Bulgaria), Ivan Vasilcin, Radostina Doganova, Marian Bahovski, Nicolae Velciov (photo Renée Renard)

Marian Bahovski

Nikolay Bojinov

Radostina Doganova

Viktoriya Georgieva

Vladimir Yosifov

Ivan Vasilcin

Nicolae Velciov

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