Thursday 31 December 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2015, 6th event - Pygmalion Gallery

DIPLOMATIC ART 2015, 2nd edition, the 6th event at the Pygmalion Gallery, opening on December 11th: Utopian Consulate of Mars, with AMY ALEXANDER (Australia)  and CHRISTINE NIEHOFF (Germany) .

"Sponsored by the Cosmos Society, the Consulate of Mars exhibits space art and gives interested buyers an opportunity to invest on Mars. Amy Alexander’s series of work ‘Rejected_Astronaut_001’ explores how rejection from something effects the multiverse. Does a decision made on your behalf create an alternate universe? Or are you simply left with fragments of what was never to be seeping into our reality? Christine Niehoff shows work that is concerned with the growing commercialism in space. Mars Sales, a sub-section of the Cosmos Society, is at the Consulate with its trade fair stand to promote Mars land and property." (Amy Alexander and Christine Niehoff)

 Christine Niehoff and Amy Alexander

His Excelency Mr. Rolf Maruhn, Consul of General Consulate of Germany

Amy Alexander, Rejected_Astronaut_001, illustration

Amy Alexander, Spaceman01, illustration

Amy Alexander, Spaceman02, illustration

Amy Alexander, Spaceman, video

Christine Niehoff, Der Mars

Christine Niehoff, Transport on the Moon 

Christine Niehoff, Buy Land on Mars

Christine Niehoff, Buy Land on Mars (detail)

Amy Alexander, Christine Niehoff, RenĂ©e Renard (project assistant Diplomatic Art), 
Ciprian Chirileanu (project initiator and coordinator Diplomatic Art)

More images from the making of and the openings

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