Wednesday 30 December 2015

DIPLOMATIC ART 2015, 3rd event - Bastionul Theresia (1)

DIPLOMATIC ART 2015, 2nd edition, at Bastionul Theresia (Muzeul Banatului), opening on November 25th - part 1. Part 2 can be accessed here:
Participating artists (with their works and concept presentations): 


Bread Ladder, installation, 2014. Translation of a social paradigm. Side A: //Bread ... symbol of ...well fed. //Waste ... symbol of ... taste? Wastefulness is not happiness. With our new installation in Strasbourg, France we wish to ask a question. What is wastefulness for you? Side B: The simplest things are the most important. Great minds are occupied with survival thoughts instead of research which will make the mankind thrive. A simple thing as bread can be a great force. Don't waste it. //Consider//

Lora Azza, Dimitri Dimov – Bread Ladder, installation, 
20 old baguettes breads, 20 m of rope, 2014


“Rented air spaces” / documentation of the personal project from Venice biennale, 2015 / For several decades Bulgarian cultural backgrounds have been seeking to be part of the national presentations at the Venice Biennale. The absence of Bulgarian pavilion the refusal of the political circles for assistance provoke Robert Baramov to start Initiatives (2013 - '' Declaration of War '') to draw the world's attention to the strange fact that Bulgaria remains the only member state of the European Union without a national participation. In 2015 his project ''Rented air spaces'' received massive approval by the curators of national pavilions, with whom contact has been established. During the preview on May 6th, 7th, 8th the artist managed negotiate with the teams of 17 pavilions lease agreements for 125 cm3 from the air spaces for their national presentations (among them France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Romania, Brazil, Belgium, etc. etc.), thus declares Bulgarian participation in the atmosphere of the Biennale beyond the official program.

Robert Baramov – Rented air spaces, installation, variable size, 2015

FÁTIMA CONESA (Spain) The prints belong to the project Maps, Rutes and Tracks. It is a process that begins from the study of the landscape to create a personal cartography in movement. The landscape is internalized from the gesture through the line and the stain.

Fátima Conesa – Ruta XX, additives on methacryate, 100 x 70 cm, 2013


The fashion project "Opportunities" represents five shirts on which original engravings are printed through various traditional printing methods. The images are portraits, realistic-geometric stills, compositions illustrating life during the years of socialism, abstract-symbolic compositions. The contemporary society is more advanced in technology and has an increased demand for art, for the involvement of art in everyday life, for transforming it into useful objects. The images are placed on the front side of the shirt in the form of color polyptic, high printing collage and intaglio without overlapping.

 Tudor Fabian – Oportunități IX, TM (C, C3, X, col), 49 x 30 cm, 2014

JULIEN GARDAIR (France) Through the action of cutting Julien Gardair creates a multitude of works ranging from painting to site specific installations and videos. In Timisoara, he will create a specific body of work made especially for the show and on the premise.

Julien Gardair – No title, installation, site specific, felt, video, 2015

HAVASI TAMÁS (Hungary) These pictures are special body-images with self-portraits and other simple signs, items. These are a kind of harmless human body shaping. These were made with scanner and computer programs.

 Havasi Tamás – Spirit of the Reader 2, digital print, 60 x 60 cm, 2015

IGOR JOSIFOV (Macedonia)

Wit-ness is a multi-media project grounded in performance art. It features film, photolithographs and burned paper works. Wit-ness includes an installation that represents the violent confrontation between identity and vulnerability, tied together by a narrative that addresses the concept of surveying and being surveyed. 

 Igor Josifov - Collecting Memories, burned paper installation, 2013

Igor Josifov – Wit-nes, video installation/ film, lithography 2015

Igor Josifov – Wit-nes Kiki, lithographyplate, 105 x 61 cm, 2015


My pictures are my way of trying to understand and orient myself in the world I live in. I am drawn to places with history and traces of human life, such as cities, villages and historical sites. The pictures are both a snapshot of the passing moment and a picture of an event stretched out in time. The key is the light that uncovers the darkness and gives a reflective and contemplative mode to the experience. The technique dry point, an old copper graphical method suits the way I work very well and gives itself a patina and a feeling that adds a to the finished work. I'm basically a black and white graphic artist, one of many in a strong European tradition. That's my main reference point and a base for all my work.

Mikael Kihlman – Spring in Krakow, dry point, 16 x 12 cm, 2008

BERND KOBLISCHECK (Germany) My works reflect the actual life in the sense of universally valid without any historical and geographical restriction.

Bernd Koblischeck - Neuzeit  (Modern Times), 
dry point, 55 x 100 cm (paper), 2015

TARRVI LAAMANN (Estonia) Everybody Likes Freedom. To Be Free, You Need Relaxed Heart And For That U Need Love And Peace. This Collection Name Are: “Luv-N-Peace” (Woodcut On Handmade Paper, Hand Printed = 100% Heart & Spirit)

Tarrvi Laamann – Wekener, woodcut, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2015

HANS LABAN (The Netherlands) The four works here represented are part of the project We Do Have Something In Common, a cross-border project, linking people from all over the world. For this project I asked my family, friends, acquaintances and Facebook users to send me photographs of their family and circle of friends. I processed the images by combining photographs, omitting details and creating new compositions in which people who do not know each other are suddenly brought in contact. I translated the results into etchings and laser engravings, making subtle use of the layers in the original imagery. I tried to create a new sense of familiarity and mutual trust between complete strangers.

Hans Laban – Wind from the sea, photopolymer, etching, 42 x 59 cm, 2013

More images from the making of and the openings

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